A crown of children

12/11/2019 - Events

Biella and the Biellesi open the Fifth Centenary Coronation of the Madonna of Oropa.

On the eve of the Mariano Special Year, on Friday 22 November at 9.00 pm at the Villani Social Theater in Biella there will be the opening night of the V Centenaria Incoronazione, in which the project selected for the crown of the Madonna and Child Jesus will be presented .

The event will be accompanied by a concert with the W.A. Mozart performed by the Sacro Monte di Varese Orchestra and the Verdemar Choir.


Inaugural concert

W. A. Mozart “Coronation Mass” – Sacro Monte di Varese Orchestra and Verdemar Choir

Eleonora Caminada – soprano

Mirea Marchetto Mollica – mezzosoprano

Shinichiro Kawasaki – tenor

Kwanghyun Kim – Baritone

Chorus Master: Martino Colonna-priests

DIRECTOR: Giovanni Conti

A crown of all and for all

“Generate community”: presentation of works of charity

A crown for Mary and her Son

National art competition: presentation of the selected project