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Alberto Barbera supports the candidacy of Biella Creative City

28/08/2019 - Updates

While the 76th Venice International Film Festival is about to be inaugurated – scheduled from this evening, Wednesday 28 August, to Saturday 7 September – Biella’s candidacy for the UNESCO Creative Cities network receives valuable support: that of the Doge of Italian cinema, the Director of the Exhibition Alberto Barbera.

I was born in Biella” writes Alberto Barbera in the letter sent to the mayor Claudio Corradino to show full support for the initiative (available in the “Letters of support” section) “and although my professional career has taken me far from the place of origin, I was deeply connected to the city that not only gave birth to me, but contributed to my human and cultural formation“.

And he continues: “The values ​​that the Biella area has expressed in the past – inherent to its history, its traditions and the events that have made it an essential reference point for creative entrepreneurship and quality – are etched in my memory and in my identity as an individual and a citizen of the world. From an early age, I was brought up to admire the respect of those who had been able to make a decisive contribution to the extraordinary creations of the wool and clothing industry, for which Biella is still known throughout the world. A contribution made of inventions, stubbornness, commitment, trust in one’s possibilities, together with the ability to share knowledge and resources, hard work and ambitions, in the sign of the will to attribute to one’s own activity the recognizable sense of belonging to a community that recognizes itself in the same ideals and values ​​.

A strong support, “convinced, writes Barbera “with the hope that it can achieve all the success it deserves, helping to give new life to the union between innovation and tradition that made the City of Biella great in the past“.