Alberto Cirio sends a video message supporting the candidacy of Biella Creative City

25/10/2019 - Updates

The entry of Biella into the Unesco Creative cities network now represents not only a local issue, but also involves political, diplomatic and entrepreneurial forces.

To witness this once more the strong video message of support sent by the President of the Region Alberto Cirio who, recognizing to the Biellese the excellence of a productive and creative DNA, strongly asks UNESCO to complete the triad of Piedmontese cities with Biella composed by Alba for gastronomy and Turin for design, suggesting the many potentials for the development of the Region inherent in this project.

Here is the complete text:

Talking about Biella means talking about excellence, Piedmontese excellence, Italian excellence.

An excellence that is not only geographical because Biella is a wonderful city in a truly extraordinary context of plains and mountains.

Biella is also an excellence for the “Biellesi” [citizens of Biella], because DNA which is found in the people who live in that city and who lives in that land has meant that that land became a land of unique and excellent creations in the world, which is why I am proud as Governor of the Piedmont Region to be able to have in the great potential of my land this community that can join the food and wine excellence that has made UNESCO recognize and protect the landscape of Langhe Monferrato and Roero; which has meant that the great strength of Turin and Ivrea was recognized.

These great Piedmontese excellences that we have and that UNESCO has been able to exploit.

And today we ask to UNESCO a step more for a city that really deserves: it deserves it for the art, it deserves it for the culture, it deserves it for the industrial genius, it deserves it for that know-how that is typical of the Piedmontese, of their Savoy origins, but it is typical above all of this city where a practicality and a manual pragmatism have been joined by a genius that I believe deserves to be recognized, appreciated, valued and with the UNESCO recognition being made available to the whole world“.

To watch the video click here.

In the photo: Alberto Cirio with Anna Zegna and Claudio Corradino at the event of the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris on 1 October last.