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Alessandro Ciffo and Sergio Vineis: Silicone Experience

17/06/2019 - Updates

Contemporary art and haute cuisine come together in a unique experience of its kind: a silicone dinner, for refined palates and design enthusiasts.

Once again Studio Anna Fileppo collaborates in the creation of a new synergy between Art and Industry, and in this case between the award-winning Biella artist Alessandro Ciffo and the starred Chef Sergio Vineis.

The first, in the art world since 1997, is formed in autonomy and, always alone, produces his works: his path is based on the extreme research of the potential of silicone, the only medium for him able to fully express his emotions. For him, silicone is the most alchemical of all modern materials because sand, from which it derives, maintains the memory of inorganic inert material that is physically and chemically unassailable.

The second, which for over 20 years carries on its signature cuisine, enriched by the fresh resourcefulness of his son and sous chef Simone and by the oenological skills of the maître sommelier Michela Rosco, has been awarded the Michelin star since 2003 (he now has receipts 15), goal achieved with work, study and dedication in his restaurant in Pollone (BI), Il Patio. For him the kitchen is life and, like life, it is always in motion.

And with these two excellencies from Biella, Anna Fileppo was involved in this innovative project, in effect a “brand” to be exported: the Silicone Experience signed by Ciffo / Vineis is something absolutely never seen at the center of which, in the higher than the meaning, the concept of creativity.

So with the 31st May 2019 first and an unexpected bis soon after, on June 6th at Il Patio a meeting between art and taste went on stage, a fusion of flavors and colors where “sensations and emotions become experience”.

Fans of contemporary art and starred menus sat at the table, to experience a truly spectacular dinner-performance, a real challenge to the imagination.

The initiative was born from Ciffo’s desire to bring silicone to the best restaurants in the world: a seemingly arduous undertaking that can win by convincing Chefs that silicone is “good”. In Sergio, a friend, Alessandro has found a Chef with whom he can experiment with this new idea and so, for almost a year now, the two have been talking about, comparing and studying the dishes and flavors, the other the basis on which to present them to the best.

And here is that Ciffo has created a service of covers with hand-made pieces, one by one: bowls with tentacles, striped nacre discs and even tablecloths, interspersed with its famous vases and giant bowls: everything in the room recalled a mass in an almost theatrical scene, giving diners the opportunity to visual and tactile experiences. Ceramics, steel and glass, materials commonly used on our tables, have here been replaced with an element, silicone, almost unknown.

The theme of the evening and the union between the two protagonists was water, a symbolic element for our territory, which has always drawn from it everything it could, in textiles and in the food industry. Each course was accompanied by a story of its own, telling its precise identity.

Another, yet another confirmation of how Biella is increasingly a creative city.