Ancestral wings

03/09/2019 - Events

Saturday, September 14 at 9.00 pm will be held at the auditorium of Palazzo Gromo Losa in Biella Piazzo “Ali Ancestrali” (“Ancestral wings“) a concert of the Celtic Harp and Song by Francesca Lai, aka “Fralalai”, harpist, songwriter and artist born and raised in Biella and moved to the Netherlands.

Her repertoire, in addition to songs written by her in various languages, also includes a song in Sardinian language – given the origins of the artist – dedicated to the millenary and mysterious nuraghes, entitled “Nuraghe so” (I’m Nuraghe).

Admission 10 euros

The proceeds will go to the projects of Ail Biella Angelino Foundation.

In order to provide a correct allocation of seats we ask you to communicate your participation to the concert by Friday 6 September.

LaborARTE – 015 1515 3139,,