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09/07/2019 - Updates

Yesterday (Monday 8 July) at Cittadellarte the UNIDEE summer camp started.

The artistic initiative includes three different modules for participants and mentors, but with a theme that is the common thread of the workshops: the fight against climate change.

UNIDEE celebrates the twentieth anniversary of its birth with a new program with unusual features and characteristics, including new themes, contents and mentors.

Against the background of the training project, the basis is once again the artistic practice of Cittadellarte and the principles of the Third Paradise: the confirmations, in particular, are the division into modules organized around predefined keywords (as happens since 2015, the year in which marked the start of a new phase of UNIDEE) and the maintenance and implementation of partnerships with historical institutions, with which a specific program of international residences will continue.

Moving on to the news, in view of a strategy of strengthening and rethinking the modules, the UNIDEE staff has optioned three key concepts – collective agency, climate action, modes of instituting – which summarize three of the most important concepts underlying the Cittadellarte mission and the symbol-sign of Michelangelo Pistoletto, partly already developed in some previous modules.

In this regard, a special summer camp started yesterday – 8 July – with the participation of 16 international artists and three visiting tutors.

The key theme of this initiative – which will continue until Friday 12 July – is that of the climate action, strongly linked both to sustainability issues of which the Third Paradise becomes a symbol and bearer, and to social responsibility to promote a virtuous change on green issues . Not only that: it refers to the objective 13 (“Fight against climate change“) of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

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