Artist residences

26/09/2019 - Events

After the enormous success of Il Mercato del Rinascimento at the Chiostro di San Sebastiano with more than forty artists involved and almost 400 presences reached, Storie di Piazza is pleased to announce the upcoming events that will concern culture with residential training experiences between Falletti di Sagliano Micca and Magliano carried out with industry professionals.

The formats are open to Biellese and external users who can stay in the Residence.

The initiatives are part of the “Storie Biellesi” project which involves a dozen local and non-local partners, with the contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio Biella Foundation and Cassa di Risparmio di Torino Foundation.

The first appointment is September 28th-29th with an intensive experiential laboratory of narrative counseling entitled “Writing and rewriting one’s life story“, by the Milanese Elisabetta Rainoldi and Rossana Andreotti.

What is counseling? It is a relational technique in which the person is assisted in his own difficulties without giving up the freedom of choice and his own responsibility.

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