Autumn night at the Monastery

25/09/2019 - Events

A suggestive “torchlight” nocturnal visit to discover the Cluniac monastery of Castelletto Cervo: this is the evocative initiative scheduled for Saturday, September 28th at the site of the Rete Museale Biellese.

In fact, the former priory will host the event Autumn Night at the Monastery, which will take place in two shifts, at 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm.

Each visitor, in order to take part in the evening, will have to wear a flashlight and present himself with comfortable clothing (appropriate for the type of activity).

The event was organized by the Municipality of Castelletto Cervo in collaboration with the Rete Museale Biellese and the SS. Pietro, Paolo and Tommaso Parish.

The event is free (a tasting will also be offered), but it is preferable to book by writing an email to or by calling 347.4728295.

In case of bad weather the event will be postponed.

Attached the poster.