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Biella Alpine city of the year

22/03/2019 - Updates

The candidacy of Biella to the Creative Cities Network is pointing the city at the top: here is a second nomination, the one to “Alpine city of the year“, recognition in view of the 150th anniversary of the CAI, in 2022.

Also in this case there is talk of an occasion for relaunching tourism and the Biella economy. Biella would be the first Piedmontese city to receive this award given to the cities of the Alpine area that stand out for their particular commitment to implementing the Alpine Convention and sustainable development.

In 2022 the works for the reconstruction of the historic system of the Mucrone Lake cableway should be completed – at the inauguration in 1926 it was the one with the highest mountain station (1900 m) in absolute highest – and the works could be started for the redevelopment of the Oropa basin with the demolition of the old anticima station and of the other “eco-monsters”, traces of a tourism development not consistent with the beauty of the places.

Last week in Morbegno, in Valtellina, the Assembly of the Alpine Cities Association was held and the ceremony for awarding the title to the Lombard town. The Municipality of Biella, with Councilor Riccardo Bresciani, delegate of the mayor to the mountain, participated as a guest.