Biella at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris

02/10/2019 - Updates

The conversation between Michelangelo Pistoletto and Anna Zegna on the relationship between art and entrepreneurship took place yesterday, Tuesday 1 October, at the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris, part of the program of interventions and projects for the international enhancement of the city through its excellence.

Based on a deep cultural bond that unites Cittadellarte and the Zegna Foundation for 20 years in common projects, the conversation has been articulated on the experience of Cittadellarte, as a source of talent and engine of the social transformation of the Biella area and in the world, also through the its network of more than 170 Third Paradise Embassies.

A unique experience with Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Third Paradise at its center, which is profoundly identified with the values ​​that inspire renewal through textile excellence, creativity, sustainability, art, culture and conscious generational passage.

Today Biella is really at the center of MI-TO – commented Michelangelo Pistoletto enthusiastically – the values ​​that led me twenty years ago to bring my work and the activities of Cittadellarte to a former textile factory on the banks of the Cervo stream are today more alive and vital than ever and inspire an irreversible process of change throughout the Biella area“.

A destination for creatives and artists from all over the world, Cittadellarte and the Third Paradise matrix represent a strong source of interest rooted in the territory, as well as the presence of great textile brands, starting with Ermenegildo Zegna and its local roots and global thinking is an expression of the excellence of Made in Italy.

The relationship between Zegna and the Pistoletto family is a long-standing one – explained Anna Zegna, President of the Zegna Foundation – born in the early 1930s when Ettore Pistoletto Olivero began a fruitful collaboration with our grandfather Ermenegildo. Today we have the task of preserving for future generations the treasures of competence and beauty that have been handed down to us, creating a synergistic dialogue between territory, business, nature, art and culture“.

In this path, Biella’s candidacy as a UNESCO Creative City, which was represented in Paris by the Mayor of Biella Claudio Corradino and by the President of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio as an official candidacy of Piedmont, represents an important step to make the world known the Biellese excellence.

The evening took place as part of the series of documentary presentations organized by the IIC in Paris and includes a preview of the video by the director Manuele CecconelloCittadellarte: practices of responsible art“.

A delegation of Biellese companies accompanied the Parisian mission to offer a tasting cocktail of local specialties – which was set up in a room dedicated to the presentation of the Biella area – to a select audience of diplomatic authorities, culture and the business world .

Companies that contributed to the event: Famiglia Ramella – Ramella Banqueting, Botalla Srl, Centovigne Società Agricola, Proprietà Sperino – Società Agricola Vigneti De Marchi, Pasticceria Massera Gino Srl, Caseificio Pierluigi Rosso Srl, Birra Menabrea Spa, Lauretana Spa, Gabba salumi.