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Biella Creative City protagonist of the Rai traveling news program

25/11/2019 - Updates

Saturday, November 16, Biella Creative City was broadcast on the RAI TG Itinerant.

During the first edition, broadcast at 2 pm, some of the protagonists of the Management Team who followed the candidacy path were interviewed. From the terrace of Palazzo Gromo Losa, Federica Chilà, head of the Communication Office of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, who recounted how the path “began with a great journey of the territory united towards a goal that seemed almost unattainable” from Pollenzo to Paris Biellese excellence has shown itself in all its beauty. “In this journey the contribution of the Pistoletto Foundation with Maestro Pistoletto was indispensable, as well as having donated the symbol of the Third Paradise which is the symbol of the candidacy”. This is just the beginning of a journey.

Then the mayor Claudio Corradino spoke: “The whole territory, without exception, worked towards this goal. […] Biella is a beautiful city and must be made available to our nation. Trains and motorways will be one of the next goals of my mandate as well as ensuring that work is carried out in Biella also thanks to the UNESCO circuit because the history of textiles, our excellence, we must transform into work. ”

In the 7.30pm edition, the live broadcast was made from the Literature and Industry Prize, and for the occasion Carlo Piacenza, President of the Industrial Union of Biella was interviewed.