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Biella is a UNESCO Creative City!

31/10/2019 - Updates

It is official: from today Biella is part of the “Unesco Creative Cities” Network!

The capital of wool enters the network for creativity in the “Crafts & Folk Art” sector after enchanting Paris in recent days with the beauty of its know-how that has its diamond point in the textile industry and with a focus on sustainability. A surprising goal that enhances the great commitment of the whole territory that never as on this occasion has worked together for a common goal and which has recorded the convinced endorsement of the governor of Piedmont Alberto Cirio who has strongly requested the entry of Biella as the third Piedmontese city after Turin and Alba.

Together with Biella it entered the network Bergamo for gastronomy while Como and Trieste were excluded.

I am happy for this extraordinary result that enhances our great commitment – comments the President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation Franco Ferraris Biella has really great potential not only in the field of textile creativity, since our territory is rich in beauties that entering this network will allow us to enhance and make known. It is the best day since I assumed the Presidency of the Foundation. I thank all the partners who contributed to the victory“.

Claudio Corradino, Mayor of Biella declares: “Today is a day of celebration for the whole city. No one excluded. The community has won, a territory that, as in rare other occasions, has managed to move together in a united way. Biella is Creative City Unesco 2019 and the efforts of months of great work are rewarded, a thank you must be renewed to the partners that have believed and supported the project. My wish is that this recognition can be a driving force for the re-launch of the territory, certainly we show signs of great vitality that make us be optimistic for the future”.

Great satisfaction also for the Pistoletto Foundation, which made a decisive contribution to the operation by providing the logo of the Third Paradise which embodies the values ​​of the city and which was able to count on the extremely important support of the network of Third Paradise embassies in the world.

Thanks to those who believed that the Symbol of the Third Paradise could successfully accompany this passage that marks a transition, a regeneration of our territory, which unites past and future, industry and culture, nature and artifice. Come on, then, all together let’s see how beautiful our model is. We improve our limits, and celebrate our successes. Together we win” declares the Director of Cittadellarte Paolo Naldini.

We at Cittadellarte are delighted that Biella has been recognized as a UNESCO Creative City under the auspicious sign of the Third Paradise” declared Michelangelo Pistoletto enthusiastically.

A beautiful news that fills us with joy and pride – commented the President of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio I had a positive perception already during my last mission in Paris, together with the mayor of Biella, precisely to support this candidacy. After Alba for gastronomy and Turin for design, Biella is the third city in Piedmont to enter the “Creative Cities” circuit and deserves it. Thanks go to all those who have made this great result possible. And now to work to turn this important recognition into jobs and tourism turnover. UNESCO confirms Piedmont as a World Heritage Site!

Finally, great satisfaction from all the project management team composed of Andrea Quaregna and Federica Chilà for the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation; Alberto Cecca and Barbara Greggio for Municipality of Biella; Marina Maffei and Margherita Cugini for Cittadellarte, Angelo Boscarino and Elena Federica Marini for the consulting company BIA Srl which has followed the project from the beginning.