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Biella protagonist in Paris

01/10/2019 - Updates

On the occasion of “The Contemporary Day” which will take place on 12 October, the Italian Cultural Institute based in Paris will host this afternoon the Master Michelangelo Pistoletto – initiator of the movement of Poor Art and founder of Cittadellarte – in dialogue with the businesswoman Anna Zegna, President of the Zegna Foundation.

A dialogue between art and entrepreneurship with the Biella area and its excellence in the background in a very important moment for the city that is a candidate for the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the Crafts & Folk Art cluster.

Today on La Repubblica is published a beautiful interview of the artist who tells the reasons for this event: “The recognition of UNESCO could reinforce what we already do [to Cittadellarte] for a sustainable art and to instill in the Biella people a sense of solidarity and common commitment“.

According to the Master – who made his Third Paradise available as a symbol of the candidacy – Biella deserves to enter this network.

During the evening, will be presented as a preview the documentaryCittadellarte: practices of responsible art“, by Manuele Cecconello, that will talk about Cittadellarte, which has now become the “center of social regeneration through the relationship with the various areas of common life“, explains Michelangelo himself. .

The Biellese delegation that will accompany the two “testimonials” of the candidacy will also be composed of the Governor of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio (since the candidacy of Biella represents the candidacy of Piedmont), by the Mayor of Biella Claudio Corradino and by the Deputy Secretary-General of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation Andrea Quaregna.