11/12/2019 - Events

The new Internet portal, the database with over 1,500 local organizations, is ready to be launched on the web. The site documents the realities of the non-profit organization of Biella: associations, foundations, social workers and groups. The new project was presented in the boardroom of Palazzo Oropa, on the morning of Wednesday 11 December.

Biellainsieme has its roots since the mid-1990s, when Informagiovani from the Municipality of Biella began to build a database to fully document the non-profit organization in the Biella area. The first Internet site was created in 2007 and today its complete graphic restyling is ready, which has made consultation more intuitive and possible to access from mobile devices, now widely used by everyone and in particular by young people.

The new site, created by SoftPlace Web srl of Biella, is ready to disseminate information on over 1,500 realities, with attention to the organizational structures and the proposed activities and services offered. 374 sports associations are included, 337 companies operating in the field of solidarity and health. And again from the world of associations: 305 included in culture, art and philosophy, 285 for leisure and tourism, 144 for education and education, 105 for the environment and ecology, 93 for weapon and partisan combat associations, 70 religion.

Biellainsieme is a means destined to evolve and be more and more a reference to know the territory, starting point to act in any field in particular for cultural, educational, social operators, but in general for all citizens.

Biellainsieme can be used by a citizen to: look for associations that offer educational, cultural and sports activities; to know who is involved in volunteering for the elderly, disabled or disadvantaged people, children, or to protect the environment or animals; to look for reference of social cooperatives, club, pro loco and meeting centers.

Biellainsieme can be used by an association to: spread information about its activities; look for other realities that operate in sectors of interest to carry out initiatives; look for partners to participate in calls for funding that involve projects on the net.

On the site it is also possible to consult the sociological analyzes carried out in 2007 by dr. Bruno Guglielminotti and in 2019 from the Q.R.S study: the latter deals with a reading of the database starting from the current situation and observing the changes that have occurred in the last ten years and proposes a study on youth associations.

In the coming months, the fields necessary to make the database compliant with the provisions of the Third Sector Reform will be included in Biella and Informagiovani will undertake to update the information to align itself with the objective of having information dating back to the last two years.

Biellainsieme is a project shared by the territory from the beginning: Service Center for Volunteering, Province and the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation participated in its construction and construction of the first site built in 2007, making financial contributions available in the past.

In 2019 the management is managed by the Municipality of Biella with the collaboration of the Anteo social cooperative and with the contribution of the Territorial Center for Volunteering and the CRB Foundation, which has always continued to support the initiative.

For more info: Municipality of Biella – Informagiovani

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