Building and cultivating

29/06/2019 - Events

The deadline for registration to the “Horizontal Construction“, the residential laboratory hosted every year at the Trappa and dedicated to the recovery of dry stone walls and landscape care, expires on 9 July.

Also this year the course – 60 hours in total – is free for the first 18 members, including board and lodging.

Dedicated to the knowledge of the high mountain Elvo built landscape, with particular attention to the terraces that made it cultivable and habitable for generations of mountain dwellers, to the geological characteristics from which the materials derive, to the techniques and forms used for transformation and management of the original natural environment, the course includes exploratory paths around the Trappa, in-depth information on dry stone constructions and mountain cultivation, training on site safety and practical laboratories for the recovery and management of the terraced landscape.

A maximum of 18 members will be accepted. This educational activity takes place within the Horizontal Construction, the laboratory that every year hosts anyone who wishes to contribute with their own hands to the care of Trappa and its landscape.

Practical information:

Dates and duration From Sunday 14 to Friday 19 July 2019 8.30-18.30

The course is free

Registration must take place by July 9th and includes the payment of a deposit of € 60.00, which will be returned at the end, against participation in all the 60 hours provided.

Registration at the CPIA Biella – Vercelli, tel. 015/4507274

The course includes accommodation and meals for 6 days (excluding lunch on the 1st day, packed).

Venue of the Trappa Monastery Vanej Region – Sordevolo (BI)