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Città Studi: 2nd edition of the Master in Sport Engineering

03/12/2019 - Events

The 2nd level Master in Sport Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Turin is now in its second edition, activated in collaboration with Città Studi Biella and the CONI Sports School and certified by Johan Cruyff Institute.

And from this year it admits the frequency, in addition to the complete cycle, to the individual modules.

Form the sports engineer who is competent for everything concerning the equipment, the choice and development of advanced technical materials, from clothing to sports instruments, to improve the performance of the athletes also implementing the safety aspect; and is still able to design analysis and data management systems to support managers, coaches and athletes with the most advanced training and training systems.

The entire training course, starting in January 2020, has a duration of 400 hours of which: 190 at Città Studi Biella to attend the 5 modules, 180 at the Politecnico di Torino between lessons and top seminars and 30 hours at CONI in Rome.

The important novelty of this year is the possibility, for those interested in the sector, to be able to attend the 5 individual dedicated modules entirely in Biella.

Specifically, the modules are developed as follows:

SPORT PSYCHOLOGY AND SPORT DEVELOPMENT: from 13 to 21 January, a 40-hour module with 4 credits

SPORT PHYSIOLOGY: from 22 to 28 January, 30-hour module with 3 credits

SENSORS AND MEASUREMENTS FOR SPORTS ENGINEERING: from 10 to 14 February, 20-hour module with 2 credits

MATERIALS AND DESIGN FOR SPORTSWEAR AND SPORT EQUIPMENT: from 9 to 19 March, 40-hour module with 4 credits

SPORTS BIOENGINEERING: from 30 March to 8 April, a 40-hour module with 4 credits

SPORT PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: from 9 to 17 April, 30 hours with 3 credits

The Master is in English, for more information you can consult the appropriate page of the site of city studies www.cittastudi.org (registration deadline: 13 December 2019)