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Città Studi Academy course “Biella that works”

29/11/2019 - Updates

The closing ceremony of the Città Studi Academy was held yesterday, November 28 in the white room of Città Studi, with the presentation of attendance certificates to the course for the 11 women participating in the presence of the President of Città Studi, of the President of the Consortium Il Filo da Tessere and of the representatives of the Foundations supporting the project.

Representing an integrated structure to meet the needs of the Territory with regard to training is one of the mission of Città Studi Biella which carries out its activities with commitment and dedication and, where its mission also has a social implication, the value is certainly greater.

For this reason Città Studi wanted to fully support the project “Biella that works“, whose purpose is not only to try to reduce unemployment but also to support those who find themselves in more unfavorable positions than others.

The project “Biella that works” dealt with the job placement of women in difficulty, thanks to the concrete support of the Città Studi Academy, through the activation of an ad hoc mending course. The project was strongly supported by the Il Filo da Tessere Consortium and was financially supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation and the Caraccio Foundation and saw its concrete realization in Città Studi.