Città Studi Biella among the top 10 most innovative university campuses in Italy

30/09/2019 - Updates

The University Campus of Città Studi Biella, a modern and multi-purpose complex of 110,000 square meters, the only one designed by the famous internationally renowned architect Gae Aulenti, was quoted by Mondadori, a few months ago, as among the top 10 most innovative university campuses of Italy.

It is an avant-garde campus surrounded by greenery in true American style with: university residence, unique research laboratories in Italy, specialized library, sports area, congress center and catering service.

The Biella site facilitates the learning of innovative teaching thanks to the activation of new training guidelines in line with market needs (eg digital economy, industry 4.0, white jobs, omnichannel marketing, ..) and the use of new technologies, such as videostreaming and online lessons.

Città Studi Biella is home to the most important universities in northern Italy which, thanks to the student-friendly context, facilitates access to benefits and savings for families.

Another plus is the substantial scholarships that provide for a disbursement of around € 25,000 per year for tax refunds, academic merit and graduation awards.

For the terms of registration, until 10 October 2019 it will be possible to enroll for the four degree courses of the University of Turin, active in Città Studi for the academic year 2019/2020:

Business Administration – Digital Economy orientation,


Administration Sciences,

Social service.

An offer increasingly geared to digital innovation, to professional courses and with an eye to the needs of working students.

Anyone who has taken the TARM will be able to register: admission test to assess the minimum entry requirements, a mandatory but non-binding test in terms of results.

For more information, visit the website at: