CONSTELLATION. Ready, departure … space!

12/12/2019 - Events

Appointment Sunday, December 15th at 4.30pm at the Opificiodellarte theater (Via De Agostini 7, Biella) for the third event of the “Famiglie a teatro” (Families at the theater) exhibition promoted and supported by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation and organized by the non-profit organization Teatro ragazzi e giovani e Opificiodellarte in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, Municipality of Biella, Il Contato del Canavese, Piemonte dal Vivo Foundation, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

A show dedicated to the discovery of the Universe. An imaginative and playful journey that starts from the Earth to go to the stars.

After years and years of studies and observations of space, Professor Radar wakes up in that much desired dream. Together with professors Bussola and Calamita, he finally puts into action the invention of the century: the Space Pram, an extraordinary invention to find a place similar to the earth. Through this journey between planets and celestial bodies we will live the dance of the constellations: luminous points in the sky, apparently close to each other but really distant millions and millions of light years, different points of view united in the eyes of those who observe them.

a creation by Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo, Anna Moscatelli and Giorgio Rossi

choreographic ideation and artistic direction Giorgio Rossi

interpreters Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo and Anna Moscatelli

light design Andrea Margarolo, Tea Primaterra

technical execution Piermarco Lunghi

props Bruno Soriato

production Sosta Palmizi Association and I Nuovi Scalzi

with the contribution of MiBACT, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism / General Directorate for Live Show; Tuscany Region / Regional Entertainment System

with the support of Armunia (Castiglioncello / LI), Garibaldi system (Bisceglie / BAT), Actions in Dance (Barletta / BAT)

thanks: Explorer Association, La Baracca Testoni Ragazzi, Flavia Marini



Tel. 015 30901

From Monday to Friday from 15.00 to 20.00

In the context of “Famiglie a teatro”, a fundraiser was organized for the Edo and Elvo Tempia Foundation: during theatrical performances it will be possible to buy scarves made in the laboratories of GenomicArt (Genomics and Art Therapy laboratories) of the Tempia Foundation and the proceeds will be used for small cancer patients.

GenomicArt is a path for meeting and rediscovering cells through art and colors, created by the Genomics and Art Therapy laboratories of the Edo and Elvo Tempia Foundation.

Vivid images of scientific magazine covers depicting cells and other elements invisible to the naked eye have been reproduced on 12 canvases, painted in their spare time by researchers and therapists.

Art and science have also met in some of the Biella Middle Schools, where students have painted other scientific images from the laboratory, along with their teachers.

The digital images of these small works were used to make gadgets to support the projects of the Edo and Elvo Tempia Foundation. Some of them have been chosen and reinterpreted for the creation of collections in limited editions, entirely Made in Biella, in support of cancer research.

The Genomics laboratory is engaged in projects in the oncology field to characterize tumors, in order to anticipate their diagnosis and improve therapies. He collaborates with numerous Italian and international research centers (

The Art Therapy laboratory is aimed at cancer patients undergoing treatment or follow-up and for minors, to support them in the development of mourning and illness. In this space, through the artistic material, you can give shape and color to your emotions, even the most difficult to express in words. The activity proposed to children is part of the broader “Children Project”, created to support families affected by cancer (