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02/12/2018 - Events

contemporaneA. Artists tell each other is a reflection on female art by Irene Finiguerra.

The exhibition covers the activity of artists who, between the nineties and today, have carried out their research according to forms and types sometimes very distant from each other, but always faithful to an authentic investigation of the self or of the relationship with the world, with the other.

They are artists who tell different stories, narrations that intertwine with their own identity, to recognize themselves in a genre, to identify themselves in a body with violence or tenderness, in the irony towards stereotypes or in the eccentricity of being irreducible solitary.

Today the interest for women artists has been concentrated for too long on figures who have acquired the stigmata of the myth: let’s think of Artemisia Gentileschi, Frida Kahlo, Marina Abramovic. In their midst and between them there is a whole generation of women who recognize the value of the “historical”, as older sisters, but also found new paths, with rigor and tenacity, because, as Alice Neel writes: “All art does not care if you are a woman or a man. One thing you need to have is talent and you have to work like crazy “.

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