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Cracking Art supports the UNESCO candidacy

12/03/2019 - Updates

Also the Cracking Art, the contemporary art collective born in 1992 and known throughout the world, participates in the campaign for the candidacy of Biella as a UNESCO creative city. He will do it in a concrete and visible way with an installation in Piazza Duomo and Piazza Monsignor Rossi of six of his flag sculptures, made of colored plastic.

These are giant  snails ‘chosen’, as the artists write in the project, approved by the Giunta in the session on Monday 11 March, “because they represent progress by degrees and in a safe manner towards a goal”. According to the six artists of the group (Kikko Cagna, Alex Angi, William Sweetlove, Marco Veronese and Sergio Nucara), there is also another symbolic meaning: «With his house the snail is associated not only with the domestic dimension but also with communication and, in Italy, to the symbol of electronic mail “. “The choice of Cracking Art to support us,” says the councilor for programming, Valeria Varnero, “is precious because their art has really crossed the borders, reaching the whole world. It is exactly the goal of our UNESCO candidacy: to give value to what has been done historically and continue to do in Biella ».

Cracking Art was born in Biella in 1993 with the aim of combining art with social and environmental commitment. The plastic, the material of which their works are made, has the property of being able to be continuously recycled and remodeled.

The six snails are also plastic, and from Monday, March 18 until April 1, they will find space in the heart of the city. It will be one of the 400 installations made in more than 25 years by the group of artists from Biella. Among these, those at the Venice Biennale and Central Park, in New York stand out.