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Dead Poets Society with Ettore Bassi

02/12/2019 - Events

This evening, Monday 2nd December 2019 at 8.45 pm at the Sociale Villani Theater in Biella Ettore Bassi, in the role of prof. Keating, will revive the excitement of the masterpiece “Dead Poets Society“, a love story for poetry, for free thought, for life.

That love that makes us help others to excel, not according to the structured and imposed social dictates but following their passions, impulses, magnificent and sometimes irrational impulses. Following those Yawp who push a man to fight to conquer the beloved woman, to do things to reach the roofs of the world, to fight for justice with non-violence.

Tom Schulman has written an extraordinary story of ties, relationships and encounters that change men deep down. Still today, thirty years after the film debut, “Dead Poets Society” represents a milestone in the experience of thousands of people around the world.

Bringing to the stage the story of the young students of the Welton Academy and of their meeting with Professor Keating means giving new life to these bonds, renewing that experience in those who have a strong memory of the film and make it discover to those new generations who, perhaps, have not yet seen this story told on the big screen and still do not know “that the powerful show continues, and that you can contribute with a verse”.

The direction is by Marco Iacomelli.