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Delegation of Namibia visiting Biella Creative City

04/11/2019 - Updates

Biella has become part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network and the activities foreseen in the candidacy dossier started immediately. In particular, this week, initiatives related to the theme of Weave Relations are inaugurated. One of the strategic projects proposed and contained in the Biellese dossier sees the involvement of an exceptional partner: the Republic of Namibia, one of the regions currently underrepresented in the UNESCO network. And this week, a delegation from Namibia made up of high-level institutional representatives and entrepreneurship representatives will be present on our territory with a rich program of visits and meetings:

Hinda Bonaventura, Embassy of the Republic of Namibia;

Lucia Basson, governor of the Karas Region;

Lukas Shekwaanyena, Karas Region;

Beatus Kasete, Region of Karas;

Desmond Basson, Municipality of Kettmanshoop;

Hilia Titus, Municipality of Kettmanshoop, deputy mayor;

Gabriel Freyer, businessman;

Henry Jongwe, businessman:

Apollus Christiaan Baisako, businessman.

It will be an opportunity to make the Biellese known and to talk about the project, based on the mutual exchange of know-how and deep identity of the two territories – explains Claudio Corradino, mayor of Biella – we will draw a creative axis between us, the Italian capital of wool, and Keetmanshoop, capital of the Namibian wool region of Karas”.

The project was born thanks to the mediation of Petter Johannesen, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Namibia of the Embassy of Namibia in Milan and Bia Srl, a company that followed the project from the beginning, and was built according to the dictates of AGENDA UN 2030 and addresses the issues of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, manufacturing creativity.

The realization of the project with Namibia will represent a model of inclusive collaboration. In particular, in order to strengthen international cooperation and develop an active collaboration between Italy and Namibia, Biella is committed with Keetmanshoop to training support (workshops for operators in Biella) and to mentorship for its future candidacy in Field Crafts & Folk Art.

With reference to Karakul wool, Biella will support Namibian weaving / craftsmanship as strategic alternatives to the trade in animal fur. The collaboration will deal with technical-manufacturing but also creative elements (product storytelling, creative industries marketing): in support of growth respectful of cultural specificities, enhancing the network of 170 Third Paradise Embassies according to UCCN.

During this week the delegation will be accompanied to visit the excellences of the territory, there will be many workshops of mutual presentation and deepening of the points that will characterize the project that involves the two territories.

Wednesday morning (6 November), the delegation will be received at the Palazzo Oropa boardroom for an official meeting, the delegation will be welcomed by the highest authorities of the territory and by the economic representatives. This will also be an opportunity to meet local media.

The great satisfaction for the entry of Biella in the UNESCO Creative Cities network is realized today in the first actions with the visit of the Namibian delegation that we hosted in Città Studi, one of the most important centers for textile training in Italy – declares the President of The Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation Franco FerrarisFrom today therefore begins a new phase of the UNESCO path that will see the realization of the six projects included in the dossier. All the institutional subjects of the territory are actively involved. the delegation in the first operational workshop on Monday 4 November at the Foundation Council Hall“.