DocBimbi starts again !!

13/06/2019 - Events

The cycle of easy walks for families with children, arrives this year at the twelfth edition.

DocBimbi – initiative organized by DocBi – Biellese study center (thanks to the efforts of Emilio Sulis, Manuela Vinai, Giorgia Monetta and Luca Fracassi) in collaboration with the Biellese Apiarist Association and with the support of Banca Simetica – intends to propose an afternoon of discovery of Biellese, to learn, by playing, new and simple aspects of our territory, with the help of qualified guides and animators.

The first appointment is set for Sunday 16 June with the excursion to discover the Rosazza Gallery.

The meeting is scheduled at 3.15 pm at the entrance to the Rosazza Gallery, on the slope of Oropa, with the possibility of parking cars.

At 3.30 pm departure of the walk to discover the road linking the Oropa Valley and the Cervo Valley, with the gallery at 1,488 meters above sea level 367 meters long.

We will walk along the easy path that reaches the Campello di Campiglia Cervo alp, attended in the summer months by shepherds with their herds and by hikers.

Parents will be accompanied by Gianni Valz Blin and there will be entertainment for children.

At 5.00 pm at the Antica Locanda Galleria Rosazza, a free snack based on organic fruit juices and Biella bread and honey will be offered by DocBi.

Excursions and snacks are free

For info on routes 3387197717