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Extraordinary opening of Villa Boffo

24/05/2019 - Events

There is also a bioenergetic garden in the Mente Locale center among the destinations of the 2019 edition of “Appointment in the garden“, the exhibition organized by the Parks and Gardens Association of Italy, held on the first weekend of June.

The occasion was born thanks to the collaboration and the interest of the Garden Club of Biella which is among the supporters of the center and which has already organized some activities at Villa Boffo.

Saturday 1 June there will be an extraordinary opening of the garden and a musical aperitif.

The Mente Locale garden is very special because it was created by the eco-designer Marco Nieri according to the principles of bioenergetic landscape. It is not just a corner of greenery, but every detail has been designed to create an environment that returns wellbeing and active positive feelings and emotions.

This is a charity initiative that aims to raise awareness of a very beautiful but little-known corner of the city and collect funds to support the activities of the center.

The garden will be open from 17.00 to 21.30. A presentation of the project “Bioenergetic Garden of the Local Mind Center is scheduled from 5.15pm to 6.00pm.

Until 20.30, visitors can participate in the aperitif set up between the garden and the villa, accompanied by live music.

The entrance fee for the visit to the garden is 3 euros, the cost of the aperitif is 12 euros.

It is recommended to book by calling 335.1312635.

Information to the Secretariat of Local Mind 015401767 or to the email address mentelocale.aima@gmail.com

The Piedmontese gardens that adhere to the APGI review are 25. In the province of Biella there are, with the garden of Mente Locale, the rhododendron basin of the Oasi Zegna and the Botanical Garden of Oropa.

The complete list of gardens open to the public is on the website https://www.apgi.it/mappa-dei-giardini-di-appuntamento-in-giardino/

This year’s theme is “The garden is told”.

The event, whith aims to invite the general public to discover the surprising historical, artistic, botanical and landscape richness of Italian gardens, is an opportunity to let the public know about normally closed gardens or to enrich the possibilities of fruition of regularly opened gardens Mente Locale is located in Villa Boffo, Via Gramsci 29 in Biella, which has been renovated and made available for the center’s activities thanks to the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.