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Ezio Greggio and Massimo Gramellini support Biella Creative City

24/10/2019 - Updates

While the Biella delegation was on its way to Paris, on Tuesday evening Ezio Greggio – television host, comedian, actor and director, and first of all from Biella – was cheering directly from Striscia la notizia!

These are his words: “The city of Biella will present the official candidacy for entry into the network of UNESCO Creative cities and then tonight we will be rooting for Biella: Forza Biella!” (here you can see the video).

And Massimo Gramellini – Italian journalist, writer and television presenter, deputy editor and columnist for Corriere della Sera, but above all originally from Turin – has published a post on his Facebook profile in support of the candidacy: “As a good Piedmontese, I support Biella, that is a candidate to become a UNESCO Creative City. Let’s support it together! ” (here you can see the post).

Special thanks from all the Biella Creative City team!