Fatti ad Arte

24/09/2019 - Events

Fatti ad Arte is back, the event dedicated to high craftsmanship, an expression of that heritage of beauty and authenticity that, starting from the Renaissance workshops, still contains today art, culture and tradition.

Fatti ad Arte presents in the splendid setting of the historic Palaces La Marmora and Ferrero, the artisan art of the great masters of human making, where talent, dexterity and experimentation create cultural and economic value, where tradition and innovation are in perfect harmony.

For the duration of the event, visitors will be able to see the artisans at work, learn about the work processes that give rise to the artifacts and the beauty of the handmade.

A specific section will be dedicated to the Masters of Taste, here will be presented products that are the result of wise processing and raw materials of the territory.

As a corollary, moments of study and training.

Appointment in Biella on 25, 26 and 27 October 2019.

Info: eventi@e20progetti.it – ​​3885647455