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04/06/2019 - Events

After the success of the 2013 and 2015 editions, the Federico Maggia biennial architecture award, once again invites 10 designers under 30 to work inside old abandoned factories.

The Sella Onlus Foundation, with the Biella Association of Architects and Engineers, launches the seventh edition (the third national) of the Award named in memory of the Biella architect engineer Federico Maggia.

The 2019 edition of the Award intends to promote the virtuous and closer connection between the prize and the Biella area and has therefore introduced a participatory system for the choice of areas of intervention.

The six areas of intervention selected through public notice are:

– Lanificio Ubertino Silvio (Via Quintino Sella 4, Lessona)

– Ex Filatura Simon (Via Santuario d’Oropa 162, Biella)

– Lanificio Pria (Via Ogliaro 5, Biella)

– Yukon Industrial Complex (Strada Trossi 18, Verrone)

– Lanificio Al Bivio (Vegliomosso)

– Poma Worker Village (Miagliano)

The designers will be invited to Biella on 7 June at the Press Conference where the competing groups and the six areas of intervention will be presented. In the following months they will develop their 10 proposals in close dialogue with the curator of the 2019 edition of the Award, Gian Luca Bazzan.