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“For Biella a revival Unesco branded”

24/09/2019 - Updates

Biella deserves this recognition because it has been good at defending a chain that has no equal over the centuries” says Franco Ferraris, President of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation in an interview published on la Repubblica Turin yesterday, Monday 23 September.

And he continues: “Here we start from the wad of raw wool to get to the high quality fabric that is exported all over the world: there is no other example, at least in Italy, of a complete cycle like that of Biella“.

The Chief Executive Officer of Ermenegildo Zegna, as well as Chairman of the CRB Foundation, believed from the beginning in the project to bring Biella into the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. With the Municipality he has developed a candidacy that is now preparing for the final sprint: “It is a strategic tool for relaunching the territory. It can really allow us to make a qualitative leap in tourism […]. Basically, to say that Biella is inside the MiTo it is not only a good communicative image of the master Pistoletto. We are really an hour from Turin, a little more from Milan and Genoa […]. But we are also in a decentralized position [… ]. And then you have to be good at getting people to move here“. In fact, the Biellese is “a land where industry, environment and art have gone hand in hand for centuries […]. But we need to communicate. That is why entering the Unesco network would be a nice way to put ourselves at the center“.

A result of the candidacy process has already been achieved: aggregate the Biella area, all united for a common purpose: “Something extraordinary – continues the interview with Ferraris – Precisely because it was able to form a team […] for the first time the 74 mayors of our province have supported a goal together, and Biella, the capital of artisan creativity, has succeeded even in this small miracle“.