Four appointments with the nine finalist films of “Visioni sarde 2019”

14/10/2019 - Events

The twenty-sixth appointment of Su Nuraghe Film presents Visioni Sarde 2019 selection, the best of young Sardinian cinema, pre-selected by the Cineteca di Bologna.

Founded in 2014, the show has grown while maintaining its vocation as a showcase for quality cinema, for the discovery and enhancement of young Sardinian talents, to whom it offers the opportunity to reach a wider public, national and international.

The first of the four appointments of Su Nuraghe Film, on the bill in Biella, Saturday 19 October, at 9.00 pm at the Cagliari Point, in Via Galileo Galilei, 11, will be presented by Giorgio Melis.

Two screenings are scheduled:

– “Spiritosanto“, by Michele Marchi and

– “Eccomi“, by Sergio Falchi.

Both short films produced in 2019 were chosen in the recent edition of “Visioni sarde”: a project of the Department of Labor of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia to promote the best of the young Sardinian cinema.

The first video focuses on the human drama of a teenager with a severe personality disorder; the second speaks of the migration of people: a natural and inevitable phenomenon like that of the flamingos, established in Sardinia and now become the symbol and glory of the island as a metaphor for a happy integration.

The “Visions Sarde in the World” project aims to disseminate its works on several continents through the network of Sardinian circles, the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad, the ComItEs (Committees of Italians Abroad) and the Society “Dante Alighieri” , thanks to the support of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia – Department of Labor.

Although all filmed in Sardinia, the films of “Visioni Sarde” – subtitled in English – are not localistic, but they want to express universal themes: a cinema made in Sardinia with a view to the world: tradition and modernity, urban and rural landscapes, cultural complexity; a thousand aspects and contradictions of the contemporary world transformed by the directors into stories to interpret the world in which we live.

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