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Guided tour of Massimo Perino’s atelier

18/09/2019 - Events

Sunday, September 22, the DocBi – Centro Studi Biellesi and the FAI, Delegation of Biella, organize a guided tour by Mariella Perino and Carlo Gavazzi at the Atelier of Massimino Perino and at the cemetery of Pralungo Sant’Eurosia with meeting at 3.00 pm in front of the parish church of fraction.

Since 2008 inserted in the Biellese Museum Network, the sculptor of Pralungo plaster museum hosts about twenty plaster casts (portraits, but also a full-figure work, Prima pesca), stone sculptures, documents, photographs and numerous work tools, by the curious dialectal names, whose use the daughter Mariella will illustrate to those present: among the minor Piedmontese gypseries, only three others preserve the sculptor’s “tools of the trade”. The nearby cemetery contains various works by Massimino including the astonishing self-portrait in marble, costing him four years of work.

Info: www.docbi.it