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Hospital reception for the blind person and visually impaired

09/10/2019 - Updates

Accessibility and sensitivity.

These are the two key words that characterize the video-tutorial created by the Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired of Piedmont, presented on Monday 7 October in the training room of the Biella Hospital.

It is the first national experience and the video, made by the journalist Giovanni Marmina, is destined to become viral because it aims to make people understand the value and importance – for a clinical structure – of being able to count on healthcare personnel trained to assist people who are not blind or visually impaired.

Just over 12 minutes to describe the typical path that a patient finds himself having to perform in a hospital: from the entrance hall with the Anteas Biellese volunteers, an active part of this project, to visits to the clinic , the video also describes in a clear and exhaustive way the simple gestures that may seem obvious but that have, instead, a significant importance.

We are very proud – said the ASL commissioner of Biella Diego Poggiothat our local health authority, but above all our staff is the protagonist of this video and above all has acquired the necessary skills and knowledge that are an integral part of the care processes and assistance”.

The video, entirely self-produced by the Press Office of UICI Piemonte in collaboration with the internal resources of the ASL Biellese, was born with a specific objective, remarked by the regional president of the Union of the Blind, Adriano Gilberti: “With the video, which is unique in “Italy, we would like the world of health to become even more aware of our problems. There are still many obstacles, even human ones, that we would like to overcome. Our intent is to foster collaboration, mutual understanding of problems and personal conditions.” , above all, to improve the relationship between health personnel and patients suffering from visual pathologies. I must say that in Biella we found an extraordinary availability and sensitivity on the part of everyone“.

At the end of the presentation of the video, the microperimeter was officially handed over to the ophthalmology facility, the equipment worth 40,000 euros – gift from the Italian Union of the Blind People of Biella thanks to a bequest from a citizen and the contribution of the national UICI – will serve for the diagnosis and monitoring of retinal pathologies.