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In fashion school with Nino Cerruti

18/04/2019 - Updates

On April 9th, thirty-five students of 27 different nationalities were welcomed at the conference room of the woolen mill in Via Cernaia and attended a lectio by the master Nino Cerruti.

Young Chinese, Russians and Germans, aspiring designers, arrived in Biella thanks to the MSc Luxury program of the Institut Français de la Mode de Paris as part of a tour of the excellence of textiles and fashion. After visiting the production departments at Lanificio Cerruti, the students stopped at the Vitale Barberis Canonico in Prativero.

The initiative is aimed at providing the skills needed to accelerate the careers of young students within the fashion, luxury and beauty sectors. Nino Cerruti questioned how the fashion market, textile companies and the consumer have changed over the course of his 70-year career: “I hope you will soon be able to dictate the rules of this complex and fascinating world“, he said to foreign kids telling that in his time “words like ‘life style’ or ‘brand’ didn’t exist. Imagine if at the time a cook had been compared to a stylist, it would have been unheard of“.