K2 Storia della montagna impossibile

03/12/2019 - Events

Thursday 5 December at 9.00 pm at Palazzo Ferrero (Biella-Piazzo), on the occasion of the Viaggio – Horizons, Frontiers, Generations exhibition, a meeting will be held with Alessandro Boscarino presenting his book K2 Storia della montagna impossibile (K2 History of the mountain impossible), in collaboration with Associazione Stilelibero, Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, CAI – Italian Alpine Club section Biella.

K2, according to many mountaineers including Reinhold Messner, is the most demanding of the eight thousand. This is why Alessandro Boscarino dedicated a special work to him, a paper snake that, unfolding for seven meters, reconstructs with maps, splendid archive photos and detailed routes, a century of challenges among the ice: from the nineteenth-century expeditions of scientists and cartographers to the high-altitude adventure of Walter Bonatti and the hunza bearer Amir Mahdi who in 1954 allowed Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni to conquer the summit for the first time in history.

For more details on the publication, see the website www.k2montagnaimpossibile.it