La Fenice publishes the “Officine Nuove” survey for the future of the territory

15/10/2019 - Updates

It all started last December, with the “Officine Nuove” meeting when – at the Centro Servizi per il Volontariato in Biella – public figures, representatives of the Biella culture, society, politics and economy were invited to take part in tables discussion with the aim of focusing on ideas for the development of the future of the territory.

The results of this work became the subject of questions and a survey was compiled through social networks, the results of which have been published today.

In the release of “La Fenice” published by Maurizio Greggio (responsible for the Facebook profile of the association) we read: “from the graphs resulting of the survey, the sample of people tends to take kindly to the new possibilities offered to the city, but complains poor results in terms of information in this regard, as well as a tendency to see the main problem of the territory in work

What emerges from the listening, elaboration and consultation work carried out by the young promoters of La Fenice also partly concerns the candidacy of Biella to join the UNESCO network of Creative cities.

Out of 121 people surveyed, 112 – around 85% said they knew about it, while only the remaining 15% ignored it.

A third of those who were aware of the initiative learned it from Facebook; 21.1% read it in the newspapers; 20.2% by word of mouth; 10.5% from organized promotional events; 5.3% from billboards posted in the city. The remaining 9.6% from various sources.

With respect to the question whether one was aware of the existence of a candidacy website, the result is split almost in half: 67 no and 64 yes.

The opinions on the initiative are also good: 55% of the sample consider it excellent, 40% good or very good, only 5% expressed a certain scetticism.

Almost 90% of the sample is convinced that Biella deserves this recognition.

The graphs are attached for a precise consultation.