31/07/2019 - Events

The Path through the Young Performers and Young Composers  provides for a concert by an unusual young duo of exceptional skill on Sunday 4 August, hosted at the La Trappa di Sordevolo Ecomuseum of Constructive Tradition.

Camilla Patria on the cello and Tommaso Fiorini on the double bass, young performers who prefer the low textures rich in brilliant repertoire, will propose besides the unusual repertoire also the song “Gravity” by the Biellese composer Sandro Montalto, student of Composition at the Conservatory of Turin. The project testifies to the commitment in the search for new languages ​​and in the promotion of contemporary expressions, addressing an increasingly wider public with particular regard to the younger generations.

The appointment includes from the morning the possibility for the public to attend the “open test”, in which at 11.00 am the young artists will produce themselves in a sort of “general rehearsal” with the demonstration of the study of some tracks of the program allowing the public to self-engage with appropriate arguments.

The concert will take place at 3.00 pm and the guided tour at the end of the concert at about 4.00 pm.

Read the complete program attached.