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19/07/2019 - Events

The music “invades” the Fabbrica della Ruota: Sunday continues the review Moving Sounds making stop to the site of Pray.

The leading artists will be the musicians of Trio Chagall, the winner of the “Chamber Music” section of “Amadeus Factory 2018”.

After the usual guided tour of the structure, you will get to the heart of the appointment with the show that will feature the works of Beethoven, Ravel and Cosmi; the members of the trio who will perform are Edoardo Grieco (violin), Francesco Massimino (cello) and Lorenzo Nguyen (piano).

After the free and free admission concert – which is part of the “Young Path” cycle of events – a talk will be held with the Trio Chagall, scheduled for 6pm.

The next concert of Moving Sounds will be held on Sunday 28 July at the Sanctuary of San Giovanni d’Andorno in Campiglia Cervo.

The review – reads the press release of the event – continues with the itinerary of the Biellese Mountain Museums and the Youth Trail. Several museum sites are located in the Biellese Pre-Alps in suggestive positions and in tourist resorts; they are examples of extraordinary architecture, of strong testimonies of the past and of places that are representative of the identity of the territory.In these sites the choice has been identified to convey most of the concerts of the Youth Path: past and future, new generations help to keep the historical memory alive and strengthen the ‘interest in local traditions“.