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Natural.BI life

19/09/2019 - Events

Sunday 22 September 2019 returns “Natural.BI life“, the now classic ecology festival which is repeated twice a year, generally in May and September, by the Noi del Piazzo Association.

This eighth edition will feature four exhibition areas:

“Earth”, natural and organic agricultural products, healthy and local food.

“Air”, craftsmanship with natural and recycled materials, handmade clothing, activities that preserve traditional craft processes.

“Water”, eco-sustainable SPAs, professionals who promote attention to the psycho-physical form of the body and health care, herbal medicine.

“Fire”, companies that use locally sourced materials, green building and bio-architecture.

The aim of the event is to create an opportunity for meeting, exchanging and mutual understanding between those who produce and work in an ecological and sustainable way and those who have the desire to determine a healthy, natural and respectful lifestyle with their purchasing and consumption choices. of earth and man.

For info: Associazione Noi del Piazzo – noidelpiazzo@gmail.com