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Paducah, Graz and Kortrijk: three aces for the UNESCO candidacy

15/05/2019 - Updates

The Biella race continues to become part of the Unesco Creative Cities Network which, thanks to the careful job of building the candidacy implemented by the territory in collaboration with the BIA company, have discovered the city of wool manifesting appreciation and support for the his initiative.

In fact, over a hundred letters of endorsement have reached so far that testify to the construction of a careful and transversal support network that goes from excellence in the world of fashion to Universities, Italian and European Institutes of culture and research, Foundations, Associations, Organizations of category and many others.

A special role in this network is occupied by the creative cities already belonging to the Unesco circuit with which Biella is dialoguing to develop synergies and collaborations with creativity and its ability to change territories at the center.

Among these, a special place is occupied by the cities of Paducah (USA), Graz (Austria) and Kortrijk (Belgium) which have sent letters of support to Biella (available on the website www.biellacittacreativa.it) full of appreciation and ideas.

The first is an American city Deputy Coordinator of the Cluster Crafts & Folk Arts ( https://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/paducah), therefore particularly important from the strategic point of view and for the many affinities with Biella with which the municipalities have expressed their creativity in the field of textiles through the creation of quilts of which it has one of the most interesting museums in the world. This letter is added to that of Graz  https://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/graz) where a delegation from Biella with the Cittadellarte Foundation has met the Municipality in these days and with whom the will has already been established common to carry out a training exchange in the field of creativity that will be included in the Biella application file; finally, Kortrijk‘s letter of support should be mentioned https://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/kortrijk-0.

From Europe to America passing through the five continents the creative cities know no boundaries, as well as creativity and ways of expressing it, this time too Biella, through its candidacy, faces a world of international contacts capable of breaking its isolation and create new development prospects.