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“Patchwork video stories”

13/06/2019 - Events

Tuesday June 18 2019 at the Cinema Verdi in Candelo we are waiting for the “Patchwork video stories” on the history of the Rivetti woollen mill.

An evening to retrace history through important historical and documentary documents, a company that has left its mark on the Biella textile tradition.

After the greetings and the presentation by Simonetta Vella and Lorenzo Boffa Sandalina, we will see the reading and the screenings of:

– “Album Rivetti“, accompanied by the reading of texts by Riccardo Alberto

– the documentary “Rivetti woollen mills, a company of the great 900 textile Biellese“, by Desogus, Periolatto and Zeri

– “Un Mondo Perduto“, by Pier Giorgio Clerici

– “Rivetti woollen mills: Desolation” by Leo Angelini

Appointment at the Verdi Cinema in Candelo Tuesday, June 18 at 20.30.