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Path 2020

20/05/2019 - Updates

All roads lead to the “Third Paradise“: this could be the slogan to describe a visionary and simple project at the same time, but capable of uniting nature and culture by focusing on the development of the Biella area.

Presented this morning an itinerary that goes from Biella to the Conca di Oropa, touching on the main points of interest in the area: Cittadellarte, the historic center of Biella, the medieval village of Piazzo, the urban park of Bellone, the Burcina Park, the Sanctuary and the Sacred Mount of Oropa, and then the whole Conca, up to Mount Camino.

It is a ‘slow’ route (passable on foot or by mountain bike), almost all on paths (with short stretches on secondary roads), which connects the main tourist attractions of Biella through a series of intermediate stages, all with tourist infrastructures and connected by public transport, with multiple possibilities of connection and exchange with other existing routes.

In reality, the Path 2020 is already largely there: it is a matter of restoring existing paths and paths, with small interventions for recovering abandoned or difficult stretches, and linking them together in a unitary path, adequately marked. A path that, in view of the great event of the Centenary Coronation and the presentation of the restored New Basilica that will involve Oropa in 2020, can become an alternative access route to Santuario, in full harmony with the spirit of the event and with the tendency towards the rediscovery of the “paths”.