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Plants in the kitchen

12/09/2019 - Events

Essential, like the essential oils that, with Fabio and Mariella, we will extract from some aromatic plants and of which we will see the use, both therapeutic and food.

Essential, like the simple and genuine ingredients that Marta will use in the preparation of lunch.

Essential, like the feeding tips that will be given by Marta.

Appointment at the Trappa Saturday, September 14th.


09: 00-11:00 theoretical and practical session dedicated to the extraction of essential oils

11: 00-12:50 theoretical session dedicated to the use of essential oils in the kitchen and the rules for healthy eating

13:00 lunch of dishes prepared with the use of some essential oils


Marta Foglio: cook and nutrition education consultant

Mariella Ghirardi: expert in the recognition and use of food and medicinal plants

Fabio Porta: Forest and Environmental Doctor

Costs: The registration fee is € 35.00 including lunch.