Presentation of the book by Simona Sparaco

18/09/2019 - Events

The Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, on the occasion of the exhibition “Father and Son. Ettore Pistoletto Olivero | Michelangelo Pistoletto”, promotes a calendar of meetings and in-depth initiatives on the themes proposed by the exhibition which includes interventions by personalities from the world of culture and business, but also educational workshops for schools and a film festival in collaboration with the National Museum of the Cinema of Turin.

The second evening appointment of three events united by the presence of important personalities related to literature and culture with free admission at Palazzo Gromo Losa in Biella, one of the three exhibition venues where it is possible to visit the exhibition, will be held on Thursday 19 September 2019 at 9.00 pm with the presentation of the new book by Simona Sparaco, In the silence of our words (DeA Planeta, 2019).

The novel, which is inspired by the terrible fire of the Grenfell Tower in London, deals with the relationship between parents and children facing the tragedy of a burning building within which the protagonists are imprisoned.

Simona Sparaco, already a finalist for the 2013 Strega Award with Nobody knows about us, will enter into dialogue with journalist Roberta Invernizzi. “In the silence of our words it is a plural and choral story about the distance between parents and children, between generations, between the past and the future, told with a fluid, sober and enveloping, delicate and careful writing“, commented Roberta Invernizzi.


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