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Projection of “In this world”

06/10/2019 - Events

The Gomitolorosa Association invites the screening of “In this world“, the documentary film by Anna Kauber that accompanies us in the life of the pastor women.

The now famous film will be hosted in Biella on Wednesday 9 October at 17.30 in the Auditorium Hall of the Sella Foundation, on the occasion of the Seventh Birthday of Gomitolorosa, an association committed to promoting knitting to promote the well-being of patients undergoing medical therapies as well as solidarity towards weaker subjects, leveraging the recovery of native wools and environmental protection.

The documentary tells the life of the shepherd women in Italy and is the result of a journey of more than two years, of about 17,000 km traveled and of 100 interviews conducted by Anna Kauber.

Among the protagonists of the film Maria Pia Vercella Marchese, shepherdess of Coggiola, in the Biella area.

I knew that in the world of shepherds I would find the field of infinite fundamental issues, very important and urgent, concerning the protection of the natural environment and the consequences of abandoning the mountain; the disharmony of this balance leads to a series of factors such as the hydrogeological instability, the demographic decline and the work that concerns us all“said Anna Kauber in a recent interview.

Whoever has seen the film – declares Alberto Costa President Gomitolorosa – can only agree on the choice and we thank Anna for accepting our invitation, she will be present to present and stimulate discussion and discussion on the fundamental issues raised by it. We expect a positive response from the audience“.