Raffaele Antoniotti duo

30/07/2019 - Events

The Storie Biellesi project of Storie di Piazza continues, with numerous theatrical events along the Cervo axis from Biella to Rosazza.

The next appointment will be musical and includes dances for those who are fans of folk with Raffaele Antoniotti Duo.

The House Museum of the Upper Valley of the Cervo with the intention of making itself known, enhancing the Bursch culture in particular and more generally the Piedmontese folk traditions, organizes on Friday 2nd August at 9 pm, together with the Storie di Piazza Association and thanks to contribution of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation and Cassa di Risparmio di Torino Foundation and the patronage of the Piedmont Region, the Province of Biella, the Municipality of Campiglia, Biella Turismo and various associations, a musical evening in the beautiful setting of the Parish Church Square of Campiglia Cervo.

The Raffaele Antoniotti Duo will present music taken from the Occitan and European repertoire, inviting those present to try their hand at traditional dances. Raffaele Antoniotti’s compositional inspiration, for twenty years on the European folk scene, winner of the Suonare Folkest 2013 selection for northern Italy, manages to combine the solid roots that sink into the soil of tradition, with an original contemporary interpretation of Folk, composed by him. Traditional instruments meet electronics in an absolutely balanced combination that transports the dancer into a magical, reminiscent and intriguing dimension.

The entrance is free. Appointment in the square of the Church of Campiglia Cervo on August 2nd at h.21.