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Reda supports the candidacy of Biella

23/05/2019 - Updates

That of wool is a culture deeply rooted in the craftsmanship of local artisans“, reads first of all on the Reda site that dedicated a page to Biella’s candidacy for Unesco Creative City within the Crafts & Folk Art cluster.

“Reda has chosen to produce its own fabrics in the Croce Mosso factory, in the Biellese hills, directly following the entire production chain from sheep breeding to the realization of the finished product. […] That of wool is a culture deeply rooted in the manual skills of local artisans, who have always contributed to the success of Reda’s fabrics. […]

In fact, Biella represents an important stage of the so-called Wool Road that crossed medieval and modern Europe and that today connects the city to Australia and New Zealand, where sheep are raised.

Biella has in its DNA the drive for innovation, experimentation and manufacturing and artistic creativity that make it a privileged pole of attraction and a lively center full of inspiration for the textile world.

Reda can only support his candidacy for UNESCO Creative City and continue his commitment to the promotion and enhancement of the territory. a territory that has given so much to the history and heritage of the company and with which, even today, the historic wool factory maintains a very close relationship of mutual exchange “.

Read all the text on https://www.reda1865.com/it/il-gruppo-reda-supporta-la-candidatura-di-biella-a-citta-creativa-unesco