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Rites of light

18/07/2019 - Events

Miagliano is the land of witches and renews its magic supremacy with a show called Riti di luce, on 20 and 21 July.

The very suggestive event signed by Amici della lana / Storie di piazza and collectively written by Storie di Piazza, will start from the Lanificio (staggered departures from 9 pm, every half hour), wind along the Poma canal, part of the workers’ village and touch also the three parking lots of the murals.

The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Miagliano, the Biellese Museum Network, live Piedmont, Biella Tourism and the contribution of the CR Biella Foundation.

On 21 July, the show of Alosha, the Danzastorie of Sicily, will be presented in the afternoon.

On the nights of 20 and 21 July there will be the awarding of Storie di Piazza of the winners of the questionnaire linked to Sebastiano Ferrero, a show that took place in June at Palazzo Ferrero. In collaboration with UPBeduca and E20 & Progetti.

For information and reservations, see amicidellalana@gmail.com. Whatsapp 3472512850