Salviamo l’om salvèj

13/11/2019 - Events

The FAI has published the final classification of the 2018 edition of “The places of the heart” and the Association “Amici del Vernato” thanks all those who participated in the collection of signatures that allowed to achieve an excellent result: 3,467 votes, 134th position in the national ranking on 37,200 competitors, 12mi in Piedmont compared to about 300 proposals and first in our province.

Happy with this goal and with these consents, we continue with other initiatives to make this beautiful national monument accessible to the public. The first of these seems to us to be the due renovation of the façade with the precious fresco of the om salve“.

To tell the story and to achieve this goal an event was organized: Friday November 15th at 9.00 pm in the I.I.S. Quintino Sella (ITIS) of via Rosselli in Biella.


Gianni Destefanis, owner of Masserano House

Claudia Ghiraldello, art historian,

Giorgio Perino, restorer qualified by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities,

Marco Conti, anthropologist, author of publications on Biellese folklore.

Free admission.