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Sara Lavino Zona and its “Under 1000” to protect small towns

11/10/2019 - Updates

Psychologist, yoga and fitness instructor but above all Biella, Sara Lavino Zona tomorrow, Saturday 12 October, will cross our territory from the lake to the mountain: swimming, cycling and running.

A true triathlete course: 3000 meters in swimming on Viverone Lake, 95 km in Bike with D + 1.830m among the villages of the Biella area with a stop in Biella for the Biellese Circuit and arrival at Balma, 30km of trail between the municipalities of the Valley Deer with arrival in Oriomosso.

An idea, a way to understand and make people understand the fundamental importance of our origins, of mountain villages under a thousand inhabitants.

At the end of the venture, always in the small village of Cervo Valley, from 5.00 pm there will be “Link in Bio” a show with many guests, music and a final aperitif scheduled for 8.00 pm.

Sara sent a photo to the Biella Creative City team because she also wishes to join the many supporters of the nomination.

Thanks and good luck for this wonderful initiative!