14/10/2019 - Events

The project “Sia Luce” will be inaugurated on Thursday 17 October 2019 at 7.00 pm in the Duomo in Biella.

The parish of Santo Stefano has decided to start a path that combines art and spirituality and puts the cathedral complex of Biella at the center of its interest, as the fulcrum of the spirituality of the city and its territory.

Sia Luce” will be divided into three moments starting from October until Easter 2020.

Don Simone Rocco, after a series of meetings with Irene Finiguerra, entrusted BI-BOx with the planning and realization of “Sia Luce” hypothesizing three profiles: the inclusion of works of contemporary sacred art within the church; guided tours to show the historical and artistic value of the Santo Stefano complex; reflection on a biblical theme entrusted to a writer or a moment of cultural study.

Two guided tours with free admission are foreseen in the first period:

Saturday 26 October at 4.30 pm baptistery and crypt,

Saturday, November 23rd, again at 16.30 at the Sala delle Corporazioni with Cristo della Domenica.

Sia Luce is a project of the Parish of Santo Stefano, Biella

curated by Irene Finiguerra for BI-BOx Art Space

in collaboration with Studio Anna Fileppo

For more details, the press release is attached.